Dion van der Born


Dion van der Born, PhD

Talk title: „Microfluidic flow technology: Can it revolutionize the production of radiopharmaceuticals?“

Talk language: English

Content: The aim of this talk is to discuss the status of microfluidics and flow chemistry in the field of radiochemistry. Although this technology has the potential to greatly improve the production of radiopharmaceuticals, it has only been moderately used in the last 10 years. In this talk, it will be shown why microfluidics have such high potential, and it will be discussed why it is still used only moderately and what is required to really revolutionize the production of radiopharmaceuticals using this technology.

Dion van der Born obtained his Bachelor of Applied Sciences in the field of Organic Chemistry at the University of Applied Sciences Leiden (NL) in 2008. Thereafter he gained first experience in radiochemistry as a research technician at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (NL) under the supervision of Dr. J. Herscheid. In 2010 he started his Master’s thesis in chemistry at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (NL) followed by a doctorate at the VU University Medical Center Amsterdam (NL) under supervision of Dr. D. J. Vugts, Prof. Dr. Ir. R. V. A. Orru and Prof. Dr. A. D. Windhorst. Subject of the dissertation was the development of a novel radiochemical methodology for the incorporation of the fluorine-18 labelled trifluoromethyl group directly onto arenes. In 2014, he joined FutureChemistry (Nijmegen, NL) as a radiochemist, where he is involved in the development and application of novel flow chemistry equipment and processes for the synthesis of radiolabelled compounds.
He is a member of the Dutch Society of Clinical Radiochemistry
His interests aim at developing novel methods and technology for the production of radiopharmaceuticals.

Homepage: http://www.futurechemistry.com