Katherine Gagnon


Katherine Gagnon, PhD

Talk title: „Liquid targets beyond 18F and 13N for the production of radionuclides by medical cyclotrons“

Talk language: English

Content: Katie will provide an overview to the production of radiometals on a cyclotron. In particular, she will introduce liquid, or “salty” targets for cyclotron-based radiometal production, examples of which include 68Ga, 86Y, and 89Zr.

Katherine (Katie) Gagnon studied biology and physics at the Simon Fraser University (Burnaby, BC, Canada). She obtained her doctorate in Physics (2011) from the University of Alberta (Edmonton, AB, Canada), whereby her thesis focused on the large-scale cyclotron production of clinical 99mTc. She has held post-doctoral roles in both, the University of Wisconsin (Madison, WI, USA) and the University of Washington (Seatle, WA, USA), following which, she returned to the University of Alberta as an Assistant Professor and Director of Cyclotron Operations. In 2016, she joined GE (Uppsala, Sweden) as the Global Research Alliance Manager, Cyclotrons and TRACERcenter, where she manages isotope production research collaborations across the globe – a strong focus of which includes the direct cyclotron production of 68Ga with solution targets. Katie Gagnon has participated in numerous IAEA CRP/planning activities, is an active reviewer for numerous scientific journals, and is a member of the International Advisory Committee for the Workshop on Targetry and Target Chemistry (WTTC).
Emphasis of her research within the recent 10 years was targetry and isotope production – in particular in the production of radiometals like 89Zr, 45Ti, 44Sc, 186Re, and 211At.

Homepage: gehealthcare.com/tracercenter